The Story of DiscoMaulvi

AlyB (aka DiscoMaulvi) was born in a Memon business family. After completion of his A-Levels in 1997, AlyB followed in the footsteps of his father and uncles and headed off to the US of A for a Bachelor’s degree.

At the age of 17, AlyB found himself in the dilemma that most Muslims that go to the US face. After all, the lure of parties, booze, and babes is enticing for any hot blooded teenager. His semi-conservative upbringing made him steer clear of the booze but the parties and babes were perhaps not so taboo and he could often be spotted on a weekend nite partying with his friends (and usually being the only one sober).

Parallel to this partying however, AlyB also discovered the local masjid and the Friday sermons (given in Arabic and English) made him realize that he didn’t know jack about his religion. This sparked a thirst for knowledge, which was easy to cater to by the freely available Islamic knowledge through his friends’ book collections (obviously not the same friends he spent weekends with), the masjid’s library, and the wonderful Internet.

Over the course of 1998, a new AlyB evolved, one who accepted Islam as his religion and endeavored to do more than just lip sync his faith. This lead to the beginnings of a beard on his 19th Birthday and a spot on the executive Shura of the Muslim Students’ Association. He eventually became President of the MSA in November 1999.

On his trip to Pakistan in December 1998, AlyB found himself now being referred to as a Maulvi. Unfortunately, the vision that popped up in his head upon hearing that word was that of a backward closed minded individual, more interested in self than religion, usually only educated by rote. Thus, to express a rebellion against the norms of Maulvidom, the term DiscoMaulvi was coined.

While in college, AlyB spent 3 years as an opinion columnist for the college newspaper, generally writing about International issues or campus issues. Upon graduation, AlyB returned to Pakistan and became an IDB (In Daddy’s Business). He also sadly laid his pen to rest, partly because the media in those day was not free enough for his in-your-face writing.

Yeh BaDa Aib Mujh Mein Hai ‘Akbar’
Dil Mein Jo Aaye Keh Guzarta HooN
[Akbar Allahbadi]

Times have changed, media is relatively more free, and blogs make it easier to write without worrying about censure. It is now time for DiscoMaulvi to start speaking From The Pulpit……

84 thoughts on “The Story of DiscoMaulvi”

  1. tell you what. my story is pretty similar to yours. although i think rather than corrupting the essence of being a maulvi by attaching the term of “disco” i’d aim for striving maulvi. the perception about maulvis is pretty skewed in pakistani society but i reckon its high time we owned the term and brought our own meaning to it. So i appreciate your humility and tentativeness in becoming an outright maulvi but i encourage you to dare the normal perception and be what you are without depreciating term of “disco”.
    Cheers. I mean well, if you find it a little forceful than pardon my overzealousness.


    1. Dear Muslim

      I am sure if we were to meet you would find me no different than you are even if I do use the name DiscoMaulvi. It has nothing to do with Disco really. It is just a term that stuck over the years.

      We each go on our own paths towards the same goal and Insha’Allah we will reach it.


  2. Hello,
    love your blog..literally its an amazing real life story … a ture inspirational story. This thing abt the maulvis that u mentioned is very much still considered today aswell… u see a beard on sm1s face and the first thing tht comes in the mind of any local person is that he must be a “maulvi”..(which is refered to as a backward or a very weird adjective) regardless of any further interaction with that particular person sadly people in Pakistan still perceive it as a wrong image of the particular person.
    i hope this blog will make a change in the way ppl think..
    a great step fwd to changing perception. 🙂


  3. that was an interesting story. the first thing that came to me when i saw your profile was- “what’s with that name?”
    may you continue to inspire lives. 🙂


  4. Alhamdulilah ! I pray May Allah bless my Sons too tis istaqamat to follow the foot prints of Our beloved prophet MPBUH.Ameen . All praise to be Allah alone who brought you to tis road , road tat lead to heaven MashaAllah ! Inpiring blog . Will let my eldest son to read your blog . He soon too leaving for US after his A2. InshaAllah ! Looking forward to read ur expeience @ college in states . Waslam !


    1. Ameen to your prayers. May Allah protect your son from the fitnah around him and make him a beacon of light for his fellow students to follow.

      Tell him he must keep in the company of the righteous muslims wherever he is going. The Muslim Students Associaton, which I later got regularly involved with kept me away from the temptations and gave me some great muslims as company Alhamdulillah.


      1. I have made him read your blog n I have asked him to interact with you , May I know from which univeristy have you done your graduation?


      2. I have already send my son your link @ FB . N I m at ur fb page too .stay blessed !


  5. hahaha aoa! i can relate to your story. I am an ex sorority girl turned believing Muslim and hijabi alhamduillah…i always thank Allah for choosing to guide me, i totally understand what you mean when you say the only sober one, because of your semi conservative values taught you otherwise. Love the name discomaulvi i often get called maulani and usstaanijee but there is so much more to a person than that…


  6. Salaam Alaykum, nice to read the story of brother Disco Maulvi. It is unfortunate that he has “liked” the unilateral and rather harsh measure of blocking me from the islamic mortgage debate on MM. I have not used any negative words or ad hominem attacks. In fact I even defended Shaykh Taqi despite not agreeing with Guidance’s mode of financing. Half the posters disagreed with Guidance and it’s methodology. In fact my posts garnered “likes” and appreciation by other posters, which is clearly evident. This is testament to the fact that respected brother Amad’s stance is personal rather than based on evidences. He also accuses me of changing IP addresses which is wholly untrue. Never once have I changed my IP address. He also accuses me of knowing his e-mail address, which I don’t. And he accuses me of using fake e-mail addresses. On that last point, I used my original email address on MM but was soon bombed by emails from MM’s founder Muhammad Al-Shareef regarding Discover U. To prevent such advertising, I did change alter my e-mail address but not for any nefarious purpose as alleged by respected brother Amad.

    Now, it is well known that Amad’s ad hominem style of approaching debates has rendered many of his positions as puerile at best. When his points are countered with valid points, he is known to quickly dismiss them off hand or launch ad hominem attacks. He is further known to propound 1st amendement rights and criticism when he posts on other websites (singularvoice for example) but is unable to apply the same advice to himself. There are numerous sites and Muslims that have taken umbrage to his brash style and while many Muslims (just google it) have gone to the extent of calling Amad a white-house lackey, an attack dog for the government, and have even gone to the extent of calling him a sell-out or munafiq, I certainly do not agree with those commentators. I think he is a sincere Muslim but a little rough around the edges.

    His final comment on MM exhibits clear hasad where he writes “It doesn’t matter how good or relevant your comments are” and that I have been blocked for “past severe comment abuse”. I must say that is quite laughable. If the comments are relevant and good then using past “severe comment abuse” against them shows the pinnacle of immaturity and inability to implement his own first amendment rights and his own calls for criticism that he preaches to others on various websites. A Muslim ought not boycott another Muslim, for his past or for his present, especially when other Muslim commentators are “liking” my comments and corroborating them and finding value in them.

    Salaam Alaykum.


    1. Assalamu’Alaikum

      This is my personal blog. Please keep MM matters on MM. Amad has repeatedly asked you to email us at info [at] muslimmatters [dot] org (replace at and dot with the symbols)and we will discuss why you keep making personal remarks against Amad and other MM staff. As for DiscoverU, we do not share our emails with anyone so please reconsider you may have give your email for some other thing and gotten on their list.

      As Comment Lead I can vouch that you have been troublesome in terms of comments and repeatedly violating the personal space of MM authors specifically Amad and his family. Your IP address and email addresses also keep changing to circumvent our moderation attempt.

      Thus, please email us on the email address above and let us know who you are and your “issues” with MM.

      If you have any further comments regarding my personal blog please post here else email MM.

      Jazak’Allah Khairin


      1. Salaam Alaykum dear brother Disco Maulvi,

        Just as you ask me to consider that my email address may have been taken from another website for the Discover U emails then also consider that it may be others who typed from other IP addresses. I can unambiguously and truthfully claim that I have not written on MM from any IP address but one. That actually tells me that there are others out there who share similar views to mine and therefore they are mistaken to be me.

        As far as changing my e-mail addresses, the one I used here on your blog is the correct one and as I had explained before I changed it on MM later on only to circumvent percieved advertising efforts. I’ve e-mailed MM before and provided feedback on my issues with MM’s version of American Islam and severe assimilationist proclivities, so your suggestion has already been implemented, thank you. Besides, I am not into the idea of getting into an acerbic testosterone laden war of words with respected brother Amad or any other brother for that matter. Rather, the debate I engage in on MM is based on facts and Quran & Sunnah, not emotionalism and subjectivity. In the latest Islamic mortgage debate, several posters backed me up in my views and even backed me against Amad’s irrational views. And really, it should remain like that, where he gets to express his points and I get to express mine without each of us attacking the person. When several posters “liked” my views, and even one of your moderators agrees with my islamic mortgage views, who is MM to bar me? Don’t you agree?

        Your allegation of violating personal space is rather harsh, because I was only advised of that once and I refrained from posting on a said author’s blog thereafter. Again, you did not address how it is that comments and posts of mine that are liked by other posters but somehow disliked by Amad are to be excluded simply due to “past” indiscretions. It’s definitely not fair to hold someone’s feet to the fire for the past, is it? Would you like to have your feet held to the fire for having partied with babes in college? Of course not. The past is the past. I don’t know Amad or his family but I do know that he has riled many ranks of Muslims across many different sites by calling them khawarij and by making incendiary remarks related to assimilation/integration and for calling for the U.S. troops to remain in Afghanistan and for jumping at the throats of Muslims when he feels that any association with them might lead to his jeopardy. I am a supporter and lover of Muslims. Amad isn’t. That’s the difference. Certainly, a man who rankles the sentiments and honour of Muslims across a broad spectrum of sites should not be given moderation authority. Sure, he can post comments, but not be an arbitrator or moderator due to a lack of wisdom. Moderation authority should be given to sensible, calm, intelligent men like you who do not turn their nose up at Muslims.

        Being a memon, I must say that I find you generally to be reasonable and I know memon’s are excellent merchants and non-confrontational and non-political which is why I was surprised to find you “liking” Amad’s comment on banning my posts even if they are “good or relevant”. That’s absurd, really, if you think about it objectively.

        Anyhow, I shall not prolong this back and forth. This will be my last post regarding this matter. You have the prerogative to do as you please as being a co-proprietor of MM. May Allah forgive me if I have said something sinful or inaccurate.


      2. I liked the comment as you hv been informed of your violations but ignored. You have not been barred from commenting on the mortgage article but on MM in general until you reveal who you are and your issue with Amad in particular is.

        I would suggest you write to info@MM and resolve your issues with Amad directly.



  7. great story my religeous brother,Allah pak have saved u from being a cheap little thing


  8. Hi DM..Salam alaikum.
    This is well written…. 🙂

    However something in my mind says the coining of the DM–which is a mix of 2 totally different things/aspects, mostly they oppose/fight each other. I feel if you really need a change towards the Islamic and move to the positive side of life and towards Allah, you should drop the disco part, because each time you say the Dm, you may be somehow held up with the disco memories of the past, which is again a door to the wicked shaithan. Please take care and beware of the cursed shaithan.

    Just a thought I wrote to share you. Keep up the good work.


    1. Wa Alaikum Assalam

      Often people and mostly from the subcontinental background approach me of the audacity of the name. And yes there is an apparent conflict in our minds. It made me consider changing my pseudonym.

      Then I noticed that all the Shayookh that I came in touch with had no objections to the name and in fact found it funny. The liberals were attracted to it like the ‘Purple Cow’ eample that Seth Godin likes to give. So to all my brethren that feel conflicted I just ask to think of it as Disco being the past and Maulvi being the present and future. Believe me the DIsco part of me is gone. But it does lend to me that I am not a typical ‘maulvi’ as used in the negative sense.

      JazakAllau Khairin for your comment. Please do connect with me at



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