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Pakistan – No Longer A Living Monument Of The Quaid?

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Yeh Mera Pakistan Hai, Yeh Tera Pakistan Hai
Yeh Mera Pakistan Hai, Yeh Tera Pakistan Hai
Iss Par Dil Qurbaan Iss par Jaan Bhi Qurbaan Hai

Yeh Meray Quaid Ki Jeeti Jagti Tasweer Hai
Hazrat-e-Iqbal Ki Khwabon Ki Taabeer Hai
Yeh Watan Pyaara Watan Sarmaya-e-Iman Hai
Iss Par Dil Qurbaan Iss par Jaan Bhi Qurbaan Hai

The above is a popular Pakistani patriotic anthem (YouTube recording here) which could be (very poorly) translated as:

This is my Pakistan, this is your Pakistan
This is my Pakistan, this is your Pakistan
On it we are ready to sacrifice our hearts and lives

This Land is the living monument of my Quaid
The realization of the dreams of Iqbal
This Land, our Beloved Land is the investment of Faith
On it we are ready to sacrifice our hearts and lives

The First line of the Second Verse talks about Pakistan being the “Living Monument of my Quaid” (Quaid being an Urdu word for Leader) and refers to “Quaid-e-Azam” (The Great Leader) Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan, is the man who was the face of the movement for an independent Pakistan. A statesman who dedicated his life to the cause of obtaining a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Indian Sub-continent, he is to Pakistan what George Washington was to United States (and more).

The photo of the Quaid is seen in every Government office as a mark of respect to our Founding Father. This has been the tradition since the independence of Pakistan and one that is deeply ingrained in our society. Unfortunately, it seems that the days of that respect is over. Far from being a “Living Monument of The Quaid” it seems that even a picture of the The Quaid is no longer deemed necessary.

The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, hosted a dinner at the official residence in honor of the Pakistani Cricket Team for winning the Cricket Twenty 20 World Cup recently. The following photo (provided by Associated Press of Pakistan) was taken at the event.

Where Is The Quaid?

For those who are unable to see it properly in the picture above, the four photos in the background (from left to right) are as follows:

President Asif Ali Zardari (co-Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party)
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party)
Benazir Bhutto (Former Chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party)
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (Founding Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party)

What a deplorable state our nation is: The photo of our beloved Quaid has been replaced by the those of leaders of the ruling political party. I am sure The Quaid is turning over in his grave as I write: to be replaced by a Twenty Year old College Student or a person with the dubious nickname of Mr. 10 Percent. Has our nation fallen to this level? Have we taken the leaders of our political parties to be of importance above and beyond the Father of Our Nation? Why are there photos of PPP’s leaders in President’s house anyway? The right to be up there is not for any political party or dynasty but for the men who struggled to provide us this nation. It should not be Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto up there but Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It should not be Benazir Bhutto up there but Madr-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari should not be on the walls but rather Choudhary Rahmat Ali. It is indeed a sad day for Pakistan and its legacy.

The Entire Nation should protest against this travesty.

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Pakistan Take The Twenty 20 Cup and Twitter Too

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BOOM BOOM Afridi - © Associated Press
BOOM BOOM Afridi – © Associated Press

 Seventeen years after Imran Khan and his band of men in Green lifted the Cricket World Cup, history has repeated itself and Pakistan has been crowned the champions of the Twenty 20 World Cup.

Pakistan started with a wonderful bowling attack and managed to demolish the top order of SriLanka. However, a wonderful knock by Sangakkara managed to lift SriLanka to a respectable score of 139 for 6. Pakistan started their batting slow but steady and at one point it looked that we might have become too over-confident and ended up handing the game to our rivals. However, the stability in wickets proved to help and wonderful knock by Kamran Akmal followed by a spectacular knock by BooM BooM Afridi led Pakistan to lift the cup once again.

For the Blogging community of Pakistan (aka Blaagers), it was a double victory. An e-rally started to turn Twitter into a Sea of Green and to trend #PakCricket to the top trends on Twitter succeeded and the majority of Pakistanis on Twitter (and some on Facebook) changed their display picture to some form of the Pakistani flag. moreover, live tweeting and comments on the match using the hashtag #PakCricket managed to scale the trending topics chart on Twitter and fell just short of toppling over Father’s Day and Iran Elections related tags. The ability to trend a topic in face of other more international issues shows that Pakistani digital activism has a lot of potential. This was also seen when Teeth Maestro led a digital campaign (#LongMarch) to accompany the Long March carried out by the Lawyer’s to restore the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Pakistani Fans celebrate their Teams win © AFP
Pakistani Fans celebrate their Teams win © AFP

Congratulations to the people of Pakistan, the Pakistani Cricket team, and the Blaagers for their success today. Live Long and Prosper.

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Sea of Green – #PakCricket takes over Twitter

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I come from a family of Cricket fanatics; watching every cricket match; hosting a regular Sunday game in our Garage; night matches in Ramadan in the lane outside the house; a cousin of mine even played in the Singapore national team once upon a time.

I am an exception to the rule. I mean I’m fond of cricket just like most average Pakistani boys, I was even part of the Saint Patrick’s cricket team (representing the A-Levels) back when no one outside the school circuit had heard of my team mates Danish Kaneria and Faisal Iqbal. I still play occasionally for a team on Sundays (though less than what it used to be). I just am not much of a fan of watching matches. In fact I could technically claim not to have watched a complete match ever in my life. For me the excitement really builds up in the last overs when the game is a nail biting, thumb chewing kind, with everyone on the edge of their seats, jumping up with joy at every run or wicket (depending on which side you are supporting).

I am very excited about one particular match though: The Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Twenty 20 final being played at Lords stadium in England today. In fact i am so excited that it just might be the first cricket match I watch fully in my life.

In March this year, both teams were struck with tragedy when the Sri Lanka team was attacked by some anti-Pakistan elements on their way to a match in Lahore. Having graciously consented to play in Pakistan, despite the spate of terrorist attacks recently, Sri Lanka had showed its friendship to the Pakistani nation. Unfortunately, a dastardly attack left seven of the Sri Lankan players injured and five valiant Pakistani police officers dead. It was only the actions of one brave man, the bus driver Khalil Ahmed, that saved the team from what would have been an unbearable loss for the two nations and the world of cricketing. This match will not only be about dominance in the cricket field. It will be a signal to the barbarians who attacked in March that the Pakistani and Sri Lankan people are opposed to their actions. It will be a call for peace and the elimination of bigotry. It will be a match for unifying these two countries again in a friendly environment to put a salve over the wounds caused by the terrorists.

Rival Captains on the eve of the match - © Getty Images
Rival Captains on the eve of the match - © Getty Images

The other reason why I am so excited about this match is that the digital activists of Pakistan, the blogging community and the Tweeters of Pakistan have come up with a campaign to promote Pakistan and support our team in this important match. All over the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter , countless have changed their display pics to show the Pakistan flag. My twitter stream has turned into a “Sea Of Green” as friend after friend raises up the Pakistan flag to support our boys in their bid to beat the yet unbeaten Sri Lankan side.

We have also attempted on twitter to gain some recognition nternationally by tweeting with the #Pakcricket hashtag, so that we can grab a spot on the top trending topics of Twitter.

PakCricket on trending Topics
PakCricket on Twitter Trending Topics - Courtesy TeensPk


Twitter recently shot to internation fame when the #IranElections tag became the best source of information out of Iran following the unrest of the elections (it is still the top topic on Twitter). In addition, countless changed their display pics to show a Green overlay, a move being called the “Wave of Green” for supporters of the Iranian opposition. The “Sea of Green” is our version of the same, albeit on a very non-controversial and free of propaganda cause.

We, the blogging community of Pakistan (or the Blaagers as we call ourselves), are on a campaign to bring a smile to the face of every Pakistani, by supporting our team in what will Insha’Allah be a historic win for them.

Teeth Maestro, one of Pakistan’s top bloggers and digital activists, has a very good post on the specifics of our e-Rally. It has very clear instructions on the steps you need to take to support our campaign.

Raza Abbas and Hina Safdar throw in their two cents on the topic as well while Bites85 posts on TeensPk about #PakCricket being a trending topic on twitter.

Well the games about to begin so catch it live at Lords. You can also catch a live coverage of the #PakCricket tweets through TeaBreak.pk.

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