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Information on Dengue Fever: Prevention, Cure | Pakistan

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Dengue Fever has gripped Pakistan once again and the areas of Punjab are being affected to the point of a near panic. The National Environment Agency of Singapore has a great site for information on Dengue, its prevention, cure, etc.

Below is a copy of a great information booklet released by the agency on Dengue which should be a great source of info and should be widely shared. Click now to share across social networks: Facebook | Twitter | Delicious so that your friends and family can benefit from this information.

Cure for Dengue

While there is no medical cure, it is reported that the extract of the Papaya leaf is very beneficial for restoring the platelet counts of affected patients.

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Raymond Davis immunity issue explained in simpler terms | Teeth Maestro

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This explanation about Raymond Davis’s immunity issue was shared on the Peoples Resistance Mailing list by Shalahudin Ahmed, a lawyer from Karachi. He shares with us an unbiased, no BS [sic] analysis of the issue at hand – TM

Pakistan is a signatory to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The substance of both Conventions are part of Pakistani law through the Diplomatic & Consular Privileges Act 1972.

Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a diplomatic agent cannot be arrested or detained. Period. No exceptions. The same for members of the technical and administrative staff of a diplomatic mission.

Many other countries in the world have adopted this convention and usually hold to the same. Whether an ethical consideration or no, such a convention is also to protect the lives and property of each nation’s own diplomats.
Thus, if Pakistan was to prosecute a U.S. diplomat rightly accused of murder in Islamabad – what would stop the U.S. from bringing trumped-up terrorism charges against a Pakistani diplomat in Washington? The whole diplomatic system would be jeopardized.

Perhaps, the closest a country has been to ignoring the Convention was when someone fired a machine-gun from the Libyan embassy in London upon a crowd of protesters outside and killed an unarmed British police-woman as a result. The UK police laid siege to the embassy for more than a week (in itself a violation of the Convention). The British police were not allowed to enter the embassy and/or to waive diplomatic immunity for the Libyan embassy staff. The Libyan police were ordered to besiege the British Embassy in Tripoli. Eventually, the UK broke off diplomatic relations with Libya but the embassy staff was nevertheless allowed to return to Libya unhindered.

Pakistan could thus become an international pariah with such willfully violating of this Convention as to confer immunity upon such diplomats. A first step might be that all NATO countries (and other countries under US influence) would then withdraw their diplomatic missions from Pakistan citing ‘risks to personnel’.

Read the rest at Teeth Maestro

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

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All Pakistanis have experienced the mad dash to the buffet table that is often scene at a wedding (especially where the food is served extremely late). The melee portrayed by this amateur video of a wedding in Lahore (courtesy YouTube) takes the cake (or rather the Ice Cream I should say).

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