PIC case gets a new twist | Efroze Chemicals ISOTAB was not prescribed to most of the victims – Mubashir Luqman

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Free medicine at Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) becomes a death sentence. 130 plus deaths. Political mud-slinging. Conspiracy theories. Spurious accusations. Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry in trouble. Catch up on the news first then read on.

Now that you are up-to-date on this bizarre story here’s a new twist! (Forward to around the 27 second mark)

What’s that now? Mubashir Luqman is on Dunya TV saying Efroze Chemical’s ISOTAB, the alleged killer drug, was not even prescribed to most of the PIC patients who died? Yes read that again. ISOTAB may not have been prescribed to those who died. Wait wasn’t the anti-malarial inadvertently added to ISOTAB conclusively responsible as the cause of death? Talha bin Ayub wrote a few days back in a guest blog on Teeth Maestro that things don’t add up medically and that a overdose from the anti-malarial can be reversed also.

We need to step back and really investigate this whole incident properly without political circuses or lynch mobs baying for blood. For the sake of the 130 plus who passed away. For the sake of the thousands that may die in the future if this entire episode is not used to structure the pharmaceutical industry, to build in safeguards, to strengthen our institutions, and to protect our people.

What do you think of this entire episode and these new developments?

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"Abu Ibrahym" Muhammad Aly Balagamwala (AKA DiscoMaulvi) is an entrepreneur/industrialist who was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan where he currently resides. Aly graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in Textile Chemistry, and somewhere in those 4 years became a practicing Muslim (May Allah reward the wonderful community of Raleigh, NC for that). He is/has been associated with the fabrics, towels, animal feeds, minerals, and grains/pulses/edibles sectors. Known in the Social Media / Blogging community of Pakistan as DiscoMaulvi, he occasionally writes on his personal blog From The Pulpit ... Sermons of DiscoMaulvi and is easily accessible via Twitter (@DiscoMaulvi) and his Facebook Page. Since he turned towards religion in 1998, Aly has been associated with various Social / Dawah projects. He was a Shurah member (1999-2000) & the President (2000) of the NCSU Muslim Students Association (MSA). He was also a Shurah member (2005-2009) and the Ameer (2007) of Active Saturdays. He is currently serving as a consultant for LiveDeen and as a Trustee of Little Deeds. In 2011 he joined the staff of MuslimMatters.org, where he is currently the team lead for MM's Comments Moderation team and is also part of the News and Social Networking teams. MM is a collaboration b/w Bloggers and Islamic scholars, to bring to attention issues being faced by Muslims in the West and around the world. He also blogs on Express Tribune Blogs. As an Amateur Technical Analyst of Karachi Stock Exchange, he is known on the KSE Yahoo Groups as Aly B of DCTA (Dhakka Chaap Technical Analysis).

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  1. you can find more collection of news and links about Efroze and IsoTab at my blog http://atifkamal.blogspot.com

  2. Its a conspiracy watch Khari Baat of Mubashir Luqman on Feb 14, 2012, and look yourself what doctors say…


  3. Ali Ghangro

    Isotab is the killer drug. There is no doubt about it. Mubashir Luqman has been wrongly briefed. I would suggest he reads about it before he talks about it and believes people who are using him wrong. Efroze management knew about it and so did the chief of the central laboratory karachi, ubaid, who hid the truth and resulted in so many deaths. A few deaths could have been added in this list but majority of them were due to isotab while a few were added only to get compensation. understading the issue is easy, anyone prescribed 2 tablets but clopidogrel/aspirin was a high risk followed by just 2 tablets of isotab and in this way the list and the risks goes down.

    • Ali

      How can you say with such conviction that
      “Efroze management knew about it and so did the chief of the central laboratory karachi, ubaid, who hid the truth”
      Can you shed some light on it?

  4. Ali Ghangro

    Aly, with your background of textile chemistry it should not be a difficult riddle for you to solve. Isotab is checked on the HPLC. The peak of Pyrithamine is before the peak of isosorbide. There is no way that anyone could have missed it. This was about the management. Ubaid knew about it also and he was holding back the news. He was being pressurized by the FIA and the Punjab police but he just would not cooperate. Check his record, his past contacts with them, his foreign trips and the source of his foreign trips. His total salary together with his wife is Rs. 70000 combined. Can anyone with this salary afford to travel to the USA 3 times a year and stay there in hotels and travel around. If i say something I stand by it.

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