Some Thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden

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Some thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden, written as part of a collection of tweets and thoughts by writers and Shayooks at MuslimMatters

As a Pakistani, the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death brought a mixture of emotions:

Relief – Well that’s one less “problem” to worry about.

Skepticism – Yeah right, he was in Abbottabad! Just how in the whole world was he a stone’s throw from the Military training academy in Kakul and no one knew about it?

Dismay – The claim that he was in Pakistan all these years was true!

Fear – May Allah protect us (the citizens of Pakistan) from the backlash that is surely going to stem from this.

Cynicism – So what if he’s dead? There are many more such monsters out there that will continue to haunt us.

Anger – Why is the Pakistani government / military not issuing any statements about an event in which they obviously participated.

Mistrust – Was Osama Bin Laden really alive all these years? Or was he part of some grand conspiracy? Why did they do a sea burial without showing the body to anyone?

Sadness – A misguided individual died without being able to see the light.


18 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden”

  1. I would say I’d come under a mixture of sadness, mistrust and cynicism. However, the maasoom, moronic, hopeful part in me has some relief. There, cynicism again 😛


  2. If the alleged killer of a few thousand people has been brought to justice, then the confirmed killers of several millions should also have been brought to “justice” over the decades past, lets say from Hiroshima and Nagasaki where atomic bombs were dropped to “teach the Japs a lesson” as they were about to surrender, to Vietnam where napalm (Agent Orange) a defoliant was sprayed over much of the country, killing millions of civilians, to Falluja in Iraq (for example) where white phosphorous and depleted uranium was used to demolish an entire community of many many thousands of innocent civilians, and to-date about one and a half million have been killed, with thousands of mothers giving birth to deformed babies from Japan to Vietnam to Iraq (not to mention the genocide of indigenous peoples of North and South America, Australia and Africa). Why have those responsible, never been brought to justice, but a larger than life advocate of retribution punished for his daring to confront the powerful? Justice must not have double standards, one law for “us” and another law for “them”. Can “we” invade a country at will and occupy it and loot its bounty while decimating its people, but it is illegal for another country to do anything far less aggressive? Think about it!


  3. nothing proved against him. so i reserve my opinions about him. the governments and establishments intent on making him the “terrorist” clearly have an agenda and an ulterior motive. So i am sad at the death of a fellow Muslim who fought in afghan jihad and was a center of attention lately. But will i condemn him?No, not unless i know for certain he is responsible for civilian deaths. I do not bite the propaganda.More to the point i am completely distrust Pakistani army,establishment and their official and unofficial statements. US administration are terrorist without a doubt in my eyes as there is no mystery about them killing million civilian in this wretched war.


    1. Do I feel that the US administration is terrorizing the world through brute force and asserting might is right? Yes.

      Do I feel that the story of OBL and Al-Qaeda is plain and simple? No

      Do I feel that the unjust killing of any human (Muslim or non-Muslim) is justified? No.


      1. fair enough.thats what i am trying to say too. that anyone who kills civilians for whatever reason is a terrorist and needs to condenmed.if OBL indeed is guilty for all
        the alleged crimes than sure he should be condenmed.

        however nothing is crystal clear against him and i feel it unjust to condemn a fellow muslim whose past is surely worthy of respect.where as those accussing him clearly have ulterior motives and have been proved of lying to ahead those agendas.I feel muslims are being pressurised to just condemn the guy and we shouldnt feel trapped just because they say so.They need to prove it before it is believed.


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