10 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special

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by Erin A. Kurt


As parents we all want our children to know we love them, but do they always know that we LIKE them?

When our children know that we LIKE them for sure, it has a much deeper effect on their love of themselves. They also feel extra safe and secure; as if what they thought they knew can now be accepted as truth.

Although it’s important to tell your children you love them often, here are 10 ways you can deepen the understanding that you really mean what you say.

1. Make a big deal out of greetings and good-byes Let him know you’re always excited to see him.

2. Touch a lot. Hold hands. Tousle hair. Hug.

3. Once a month go on a special outing alone with her. Walk through the park, share an ice cream sundae, take a bike ride. Do anything that allows lots of time for interaction. But choose something you both enjoy. She needs to see you having a good time.

4. Ask to sit next to him at dinner, in the car, or at the movies.

5. Know what’s going on in her daily schedule and ask how that science quiz went or if the field trip was interesting. Tell her you’ll think of (pray for) her on big days. And then do it.

6. Use a pet name.

7. Ask for hugs and kisses often.

8. Include him in weekly menu planning. Ask him what he would like in his lunch (healthy options of course) as well as grocery store suggestions.

9. Trust her to take a picture on the family vacation, or to use the mixer to help you make a cake. She can do anything you believe she can do.

10. Leave an encouraging message in his lunch box on a day he’s been dreading, or…just because!


Erin A. Kurt, Stress-Free Parenting Expert, is founder of ErinParenting.com and the author of Juggling Family Life: A Step-By-Step Guide to Stress-Free Parenting, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to raise happy, respectful and well-adjusted kids in just 3 steps…guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. video series and receive her stress-free parenting articles on how to parent without yelling and get your kids to listen to you the first time, visit www.erinparenting.com.

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