Boost Your Productivity, Boost Your Imaan

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Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man a Rooster in disguise.

OK, jokes aside, rising up early has been advocated by numerous Time Management and productivity experts out there. You will scores of blogs talking about how to become an early riser, giving you challenges to become an early riser, give you benefits of rising early etc etc. Around 1400+ years ago, Islam instituted the Fajr prayer which is performed just after dawn and before the sun rises. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) made the following dua (prayer) for the people of his Ummah (his followers):

Oh Allah, bless my Ummah in the early part of the morning” (Tirmizi)

The folks at have come out with a great animated video on praying Fajr (and staying awake after it)! It highlights perfectly the productivity boost you get by the early morning start, with the spiritual calmness that praying Fajr gives you. In addition, you get to take advantage of the dua of the Prophet (SAW)!

It is not an easy thing, requires making changes in your life (sleeping early for one!), and needs strong will power. However, I can say from personal experience that the prayer I enjoy the most is the Fajr prayer in the masjid. Moreover, the day that I sleep through Fajr time, my day is always tired and lazy. I am still not at the level that I manage to stay up after Fajr (even after going to the masjid!) but that is because I have been unable to change my sleeping habits to turn in early at night. May Allah make me and the rest of us among those who pray Fajr in the masjid and make us among those who stay awake after it. Aameen.

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