A Simple Exercise to Improve Your Memory & Focus


Someone forwarded this link to me recently. The video below describes a simple physical exercise that improves memory. The exercise may be very familiar to most in the Indian Subcontinent. And after you see this exercise, you will be tempted to think this is a joke. But the medical evidence shown does support this and make it credible.


Re-Live your childhood…..



A quick and easy exercise improves poor memory, lack of concentration, clumsiness and emotional instability

Watch this short video to see how it’s done:


It offers real help to those with learning difficulties, autism and Alzheimers disease.

In fact, anyone whose memory is not as sharp as it should be can benefit from this exercise.

EEG scans show that it synchronises right and left sides of the brain to improve thinking and memory.


5 thoughts on “A Simple Exercise to Improve Your Memory & Focus”

  1. It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever undertaken but it feels great! I put calendar reminders in my PDA to try it out at times of the day when my energy flags. Thanks for taking the time to pass it on.


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