Pakistan Floods (PKFLOODS 2010) – Update on Flood Operations with Videos from Charsadda

A few days back I posted A Relief Worker’s First Hand Report from Charsadda. Tahir Farooqui sends this update (with videos) of the Charsadda Operation and further efforts being done. If any one would like to donate to this cause contact me and I will get you in touch with Tahir and his team Insha’Allah.




Dear Brothers, Sisters and Elders, Assalamu Alaikum>

We hope this email finds everyone in the best of eman and health. Alhamdulillah, We (Team-Karachi) have been working for flood relief operations since the past 3 weeks now. Here are few videos which were developed with the help of our brothers at Kohat University of Sciences & Tech. These videos give a basic idea to the viewer about how we drove the overall effort:

Team-Karachi in Charsadda (as we reached there)


The Destruction as we saw it – Charsadda


The Relief efforts and the Distribution Process – Charsadda

(Stretch the video marker to 4:00 minutes to see the actual description of the effort)


Currently our team is operating in the areas of Interior Sindh and Southern Punjab. In Sindh, we have created strong alliance with highly trusted relief organizations which are giving us hour by hour updates about the relief operations. To be more specific, we are focusing on Khairpur Meerus, Sukkur, Pano Aqil, Khanpur, Thul and Shikarpur areas and for Southern Punjab the focused areas are Muzaffar Garh and adjoining areas of Rahim Yar Khan. Our teams are actively providing the following services/items to the flood effected people:

  • 35 Days/5 weeks food package.
  • Delivering cooked food (to those who have not evacuated)
  • Drinking Water Supplies for families.
  • Medicines via Mobile Medical Camps.
  • Tents.

More updates regarding Sindh relief works will be posted as we move on Insha’Allah. Our team member, Brother Abdul Latif Bhanger (elder brother of Ali Raza Bhanger) who is an Electrical Engineer by Profession is already busy in relief efforts in Interior Sindh. He has reached Sukkur on Saturday, 21st Aug and will be traveling through the areas to verify the surveys done by other teams after which the distribution process shall start. Another Team lead by Mufti Zahid Sangharwi & Omar Javaid will be reaching Khairpur Meerus and its adjoining areas tomorrow afternoon (22nd Aug) Insha’Allah.

We request our readers to pray for the whole nation especially for the millions of families who have been badly hit by this flood and left homeless. The intention of this email is not to pose that other relief organizations are unworthy of donation. Please donate generously to any relief organization that you feel is trust worthy. Find out a channel to donate and take care of one family, Allah will take care of yours.

May Allah SWT bless everyone who has contributed to this small relief effort. Ameen.



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