Vacation No More

My last post was a notice of a two week vacation. it was a great vacation that I had planned to write about as I went through it, but unfortunately my Blackberry (which had the drafts of a few planned posts) crashed mid0vacation and unfortunately the drafts were lost forever. A shame really as there was a running narrative of the trip as I experienced it. Plus, there was a review of Malaysian Airlines and its service, some thoughts of the splendors of Bali and a rather harsh review of The Zon Suites in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (we were willing to check-out an hour after our check-in!) And we did check-out the very next day after getting alternate booking at the wonderful PNB Darby Park across the street from Zon, at USD 15 more per night but well worth it. Unfortunately, this is around the time my Blackberry decided to throw a hussy and I was stuck with a mysterious error that

Since coming back things have been hectic (as always after being out of office for a considerable period). Plus, there was a post-vacation procrastination that well didn’t want to end. Ah well, I’m back and I hope the blog will live once again…


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