A Year of Sermons from The Pulpit – Reflections of a Blaager Newbie

One year ago, inspired by the interaction with the Blaagers on Twitter, I decided I needed a place of my own to vent my thoughts, feelings and opinions. Having bottled up these thoughts for several years since my return from the US of A, I figured that blogging would give me a great platform to speak out on issues just like in the good old days when I wrote in the Opinion pages of Technician.

Nearly a year has gone by and while it has been a great year in terms of my interaction with fellow blaagers, unfortunately it has not been a great year in terms of my writing. As I reflect on this past year, i see that my enthusiasm was there but the years of disuse of the creative side of my brain and the rust that had set it served as a big deterrent to my blossoming as a blogger. Add onto that a really hectic work and social schedule and unfortunately we have a very mediocre blog. Granted the quality of posts, in my humble opinion, were quite good, but the quantity was too little too far spaced and so the blog never really attracted people as there was no more content to return to.

I was so down at my performance as a blogger recently that I had actually thought of deactivating the blog. If the muse struck there were always several blogs I could guest post on. But then I recalled the saying, Success is getting up one more time than you fall down. So I’m getting back up!!

In my second last post, Vote for From The Pulpit in Pakistan’s First Blog Awards, I had promised several changes including more active posting. Four months later, I have failed miserably to deliver. I can only blame a Writer’s block for this lack of posts these past months but the truth be told it was my indiscipline to treat my blog as an area where I needed to set some goals and targets. That and the fact that i can never really manage my time despite my efforts. Another reason that I have not been able to post frequently is that I am too much of a perfectionist. Most bloggers simply write things daily as a journal, writing longer posts when needed. I need to start utilizing this format of shorter but frequent posts instead of trying to write entire volumes. The thought of the time requirement to write the type of posts I have been doing is maybe my biggest stumbling block. Shorter posts would mean I will blog more and blogging more will keep the gears of the mind well oiled and efficiency will increase.

I hope that the last post on “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” will have helped get rid of the cobwebs in my brain and started the ball rolling on things (I am writing this now so things seem to be moving OK for now I guess).

I have been alerted by the powers that be that the Blog Awards is finally happening May 28, 2010 and while the fans have helped vote The Pulpit to the top of the Best Diarist category (if you haven’t voted yet what are you waiting for?), unfortunately my four month hiatus from the field of blogging may just harm that popular vote of my fans. But I am working on that speech and figuring out all those I need to thank when I am up there (hey why be a pessimist?).

I do have several ideas for posts in the next couple of months (and writer’s block be damned if it gets in my way) and I am also trying to get some guest posts on here also. I am also Insha’Allah planning to Guest post at some other blogs also so keep your eyes on the blog for cross posts from that effort.

Finally I am calling again on the creative people out there to please help me get a new header graphic and give your suggestions for improving the look of the blog. Your help would really make this site rock!

Lastly I would like to thank all that are subscribed to my posts via email or RSS and I hope that I will be able to give you better content in the future Insha’Allah.


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