Wedding Timings Limitations – Excellent Move

Upon our return from Hajj, the wife and I found ourselves smack in the middle of wedding season. Usually wedding season is a hectic time of the year with food being consumed well past the witching hour and a cause of sleep deprivation for all. returning from weddings past 1 am or so, trying to digest the heavy food, and getting to sleep a few hours prior to starting a new day with bleary eyes and severe indigestion.

A day after our arrival we arrived at a friend’s valima around 11.15 pm, a decent time for Karachi weddings. To our surprise guests were heading out and the groom was just polishing off his plate of food. It seems that Hajj created a change for society and not just us. Whomever came up with the new rule of lights off at midnight has to be awarded a Nishan-e-Imtiaz for his/her excellent service to the Pakistani society. Kudos to such progressive thinking. It was so great to be able to return home around midnight from weddings this entire week!

desi wedding


8 thoughts on “Wedding Timings Limitations – Excellent Move”

  1. it is really good when the work is summed up in time. especially at the event like wedding or walima when people like me who really bother time , get punished on being punctual. the new rule of summing the wedding events in time is a real good idea. but it can only bear fruit in proper sense if it is implemented with complete justice.


  2. Oh seriously I’m so glad not only about the enforcement of this rule but also because people are actually following it!

    I don’t dread going to weddings now after coming back from a hectic day at work coz i know I’ll be in bed at most be 1! 🙂

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  3. Although there is no law that cannot be broken in Pakistan without paying adequate amount of dough, but in general, I agree that this is an excellent move indeed and one that I’ve seen being followed. I hope the law stays for good


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