Where Does Our Responsibility Lie?

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Guest Post by
Afnan Ahmed

Afnan Ahmed
Afnan Ahmed

We all are well aware of the critical situation our beloved country, Pakistan is facing. Every other day there are rumors that Pakistan will not survive in future. The country behind all of this is none other than our neighbor, India. Our government still insists that Indians have no such intentions; however, we all know very well that India was never our friend and never will be. Pakistan was created after partitioning the sub-continent, that is, India who opposed the partition till the end when it seemed an inevitable event. We all are acquainted with the bloody trail that links our independence.

A person, who leaves his house nowadays to go to work, does not know if he will return to his family. Suicide bombers haunt our lives day and night. We are torn between who to believe and where to go. We don’t know what we are going to give to the next generation that is yet to come. Political uncertainty for the past few years has ruined our day to day lives.

Now the questions arise: What are we to do in the present circumstances? Where does our responsibility lie? Are we to sit hand-on-hand and curse our government of their policies or shall we do something constructive of our own in order to make a difference?

I believe that we, the youth of Pakistan have a huge responsibility on our shoulders. The future of our country lies in our hands. Most will be keen to let Pakistan go into turmoil, saying what Pakistan has given them, however, I believe that what we are today, we are because of Pakistan. Even if we go abroad and settle there, we will always be Pakistani. Pakistan has given us what no other country could give us, that is, an identity. What I mean to say is that how can we neglect the sacrifices that were made by our elders to give us a free land to live.

We all are quite impressed by the Europeans and Indians. We all like to watch their movies, that’s fair enough but we should not forget our true identity. We should keep in mind that rather than cursing our government we need to make a difference ourselves. We are always condemning what we see around us that is: illiteracy, terrorism, litter (garbage) etc; yet we do not think about doing something our self. I know we cannot do anything about terrorism except praying but what we can do is that we can teach our servant’s children to read and write and we can stop throwing litter on the roads. Although we can not bring a subsequent change, we can teach our younger generation so that a well-civilized society could be established in a not too distant future. We can create awareness among others to be conservative and less wasteful.

The load-shedding is another concern as it has developed into a threat; however most of us point our fingers at the government and the KESC rather than conserving electricity ourselves. We need to stop stealing and wasting electricity if we want to see this issue resolved. It’s very easy to complain about others but it’s very difficult to correct ourselves. The traffic signal has become another issue nowadays as mostly people derive others of their right at the signal. The majority of accidents that occur these days are due to overlooking the traffic rules and being ignorant. At this issue even, we accuse the government nevertheless the fault is ours and only we can rectify this issue.

Afnan Ahmed is a 16 year-old resident of Karachi, who recently completed his O-Levels from the Beaconhouse School System. He is also a former participant in the Active Saturdays program. He believes if we do not stand up for this cause right now, then we might never be able to see Pakistan as we want it. It is his hope that it will create awareness among our youth and drive them in making Pakistan, a better place to live. Please remember him in your prayers.


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9 thoughts on “Where Does Our Responsibility Lie?”

  1. Brother afnan, your views in the article reflect defeat/ compromise/ hopelessness i.e. why should we accept that we can not do anything about the terrorrism or the power crisis caused by mismanagement of our rulers….. but to bring and aim for a change at that level we muslims need to organise our selves in to effective groups who criticize those casuing corruption/ mismanagement and propose better people to replace these incompetent/ corrupt leaders….. if the driver of a bus is going to take all the passengers down the cliff…. no matter how much you beautify the interior of the bus… you will only beautify your journey down the cliff……. only by focusing in bringing better leadership can we help Pakistan in becoming a true Islamic Welfare State….


  2. Afnan, nice post Masha’Allah. Glad to see the teens thinking about the real-life problems.

    I do not want to discourage you but, believe me, people are working since years to bring the changes you mentioned in your post. However, we do not see significant reaction of it. Why? because the system around us is corrupt to its core and one can’t live with it without becoming a part of it, or getting affected by it. Just like you soak a white sheet in muddy water, it will get stained.

    Change that affect societies should come from top. Ever wonder why Pakistani expats living abroad are law abidiing, decent citizens? Most of them are not, but they are forced to do so as laws of the countries are very strict, be it driving, crossing the roads, throwing litter etc. Until and unless our government implement laws and we have a justice-based system, things will not change for us.

    Lets hope for the best and pray that the change come from the top because changes that come from the people are called revolutions, which are usually painful.


  3. Assalam-o-alikum!
    I appreciate your interest………..the thing is that I was trying to raise a voice for the youth to organise to bring about a difference in this world because I believe that only the youth of Pakistan can change the whole perspective. You are right about the upper hand being with the government but we all can change ourselves and thats what counts. I wrote the article with hope that it will liven up the souls of the youth of pakistan…………….It was my first attempt and I am sure there are lot of things missing in that article…..INSHALLAH when i right the next one, it will be a better one.
    Thanking You,
    Afnan Ahmed.


  4. I just hope that we have more people like Afnan Ahmed in our society. As we are the one who can bring big changes and I hope that INSHALLAH we will make Pakistan a better place.

    I will just conclude with a very famous quote:
    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”
    John F.Kennedy.

    Never lose hope!


    1. Hira:

      JFK’s quote is sadly not true of the current reality of our nation. Today all of us ask what our country can do for us, blaming it for falling short of their expectations. All the while conveniently forgetting what we can do for our country.

      Today we are a nation of seasonal patriots, our patriotism on show only on occasions like 14th August or a cricket match. It is time we (and by we I mean foremost I) start caring for our country.

      May Allah give us the understanding to do that.


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