Main Adakara Banu Gi

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KATHA, a group dedicated to promotion of theatre at mass level, founded by Shahid Shafaat in 1992, came out of a multi-year hiatus to present a new production “Main Adakara Banu Gi”. The play is loosely inspired by British Playwright Willy Russel’s play “Educating Rita”.


The play is being performed June 6-9, 2009 at Art’s Council, Karachi. KATHA has joined hands with The Rotary Club of Karachi to raise funds for a noble cause; The Jaipur Limb Project: a project to provide artificial limbs to amputees based on the Jaipur foot technology, which is an extremely cheap prosthetic costing less than USD 50.

Last night, I and a group of friends, headed off to Art’s Council, Karachi to catch this show. Due to a traffic snarl (caused by a road closure due to a VIP movement?), my wife and I missed the first 10 minutes. The play’s cast comprises of just two people: Sania Saeed and Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. From the minute we sat down, we were laughing at the witty lines and the antics of Sania Saeed.

During the next 2 hours or so, we were thoroughly entertained as the play unfolded (to avoid spoiling it for you I will not provide any details). The acting by both actors was brilliant and Sania especially showed an extremely versatile talent fully capturing the evolution of her character over the course of the play. Ehteshamuddin, portrayed a strong figure and his voice projection was excellent.

Despite the entertaining show put on, there were some faults to be highlighted. The play seemed to be a bit longer than necessary as towards the end, some people were looking at their watches. In defense of the playwright, the play did call for the pace it was, but for the public seated in the theatre shaving off 15 minutes would have been better. In addition, after a while the voice of Ehteshamuddin started becoming a bit monotonous.

Overall, the play was a delightful alternate to the usual choice of entertainment available to the citizens of Karachi. The ticket at first felt steep, at Rs. 700 per person, but given the wonderful cause that was being catered to, it was more than reasonable.

Sania Saeed took some time out last week to meet some of Karachi’s bloggers on CIO Pakistan’s Web Studio. You can catch the episode here. You can also read Sana Saleem’s Rambling on this meetup. You can also catch a video excerpt of the play and a better review by Rabia Garib at Karachi Metblogs.

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9 thoughts on “Main Adakara Banu Gi”

  1. yah sana also said it was a great play.. pata nahi kyun i cannot stand a play with only two people in it, still sania is a very versatile actress so it musta been good.

    Oh by the way the blog looks fine just change the theme to something a bit open, less wasted space and lose the scottish isle header please.

    Aside from that the content will build with time… u already have like kalsoom sana and tazeen commenting here.. so u have gone up quite a few notches already.. they have quite a following all of them.

    I can see you getting the idea of link love, and linking up as much as you can that’s superb.

    Frankly i think in about 6 months u will kick ass..not that u do not now in your writing, but people will know u then.


    1. I initially was hesitant when I heard of a 2 person cast…. but it was actually not boring to see the same people for 2 hours.

      i know I need to get rid of the header. Just couldn’t come up with a Pulpit look so let the default stay for now.

      Any suggestions for themes? I’m limited to the one’s by the standard ones offered by wordpress for now aren’t I?


    1. Dear Tricky;

      Not sure what you mean by that. no hidden agendas or anything. just my love of writing and voicing my opinion.


  2. One thing i liked the most about this play is it gave me a chance to a few moments filled with fun and laughter away from what keeps going on outside…it was relaxing!
    Glad you liked it too.
    Btw nice blog…u write really well MashAllah ..welcome to the blaagers clan 🙂


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